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March for Life: Four Walks

Sara Zarb, UF student “Hey Sara, let’s go to Gator Nights tonight.” “Ok, but I have to go to bed pretty early tonight, because I have to get up at 7 a.m.!” “Where are you going?” “It doesn’t matter…” “What?... Continue Reading →


Faith in the Small Things

By: Sandy DeTeresa, Catholic Gators Campus Minister      It’s 2018. Everyone is either posting their “new year, new me” statuses and making New Year’s resolutions, or making fun of New Year’s resolutions and the fact that so many people... Continue Reading →

Connecting the Camino

By: Michael Arias             I sat there, hunched over, in the dark of an old cathedral, crying. I’m not one for crying, unless there’s something in my eyes, but that’s a different story. I was... Continue Reading →

The Year I truly Fell in Love with Our Eucharistic God

By Chelsea Parza   In my freshman year of college, I made the decision to go to daily Mass every day no matter what I had to do that day or the next. The interior struggle I faced was a... Continue Reading →

Lessons from St. Thérèse

by Matthew Fulton Honestly, I never understood what the big deal was about Thérèse of Lisieux, the little saint who has captured the hearts of millions of Catholics. What was it about her that drew people to her, and to... Continue Reading →

You don’t have to go Halfway Across the World to have a “God Moment” — but I Did

By: Lindsey Harrison               Do you ever have “God moments”? Well, technically every moment is a God moment, because He is present all around us, and we could dedicate a whole other post to... Continue Reading →

Back to School Shouldn’t be Blue

By: Dolores Hinckley, RHC Print Cooordinator               Right now, you might be thinking: Starting college is the best thing that's happened to me — or the worst. I did not like my first few... Continue Reading →

FOCUS Series: FOCUS on What Matters

[For the first post in our FOCUS series, click here.] By: Kassandra Leal, UF FOCUS Missionary   Move out of apartment, check. Five weeks of FOCUS New Staff Training (NST), check. Three weeks serving on mission in Brazil, check. All... Continue Reading →

The Final Countdown

               No one wants to admit how much time is left of Summer 2k17 but the truth of the matter is that, it’s not a lot. In less than a month we’ll be moving... Continue Reading →

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