Written by: Thomas Mooney, UF Student

    I want to begin by saying thank you and happy Mothers’ Day to all of our mothers: our physical mothers, our mothers by guidance and our mothers in spirit. It’s amazing how much our mothers do for us to ensure that we grow up to be great men and women in this world, so that we can be successful and grow up healthy. I learned early on that if you listen to your mother, not only will you avoid getting grounded, but often times you will come to discover that they know what is best for you. If you trust them and do as they say, more often than not, you will find out that you’ll end up better off than if you did not.  

     The same rings true in terms of faith. If we trust in Christ and his plan, we will be better off than if we fail to trust God. Sometimes, however it can be really difficult to trust God’s plan, just ask the mother of a teenager. Sometimes we are in trying times or we witness cruelty in our world and it can be difficult to continue to give our trust to God. Other times, Christ reveals His plan for us and we doubt it because it is too spectacular, we fail to trust because we do not believe that we could achieve the amazing things that Christ calls us to. The Apostles faced both of these as they stood and watched as their teacher was lifted into clouds. In the world that they lived in, Christians were persecuted and killed because of their faith and here was Jesus, telling these former fishermen, tax collectors and average townspeople who left everything to follow Him that they would receive power through God. Then, He’s gone. These apostles now have a decision to make, to forget Jesus and try to return to their normal life or to place their trust in what he said would happen. We, of course, know that they chose the latter and receive the gifts to grow the Church and spread the good news. So what will you do when given the decision to trust?

    If Christ told you that you would have the ability to drive away demons, speak different languages, pick up a snake or drink poison but not be harmed or even to heal the sick if you only believe, would you trust that? Would you trust Him? Well, He did say that and we must trust Him. We can begin to practice our trust in Him by being unashamed of our faith and talking about it openly, by volunteering to help the homeless or sick, by praying for the Church and the members of your parish, or even by simply listening to your mother.