Who are we?


Photo by: Royce Abela, Restless Heart Communications

We are the Catholic Gators based out of St. Augustine Catholic Church in Gainesville, Florida.  We are composed of Catholic students from Santa Fe College and the University of Florida.

What’s the deal with this blog?

The goal of this blog is to spread the Word of God primarily to college students, but also Catholics all over the world.  This blog will also function to recap the events going on at St. Augustine Catholic Church and the Gainesville area.  We want this blog to be relatable, insightful, modern, and passionate.  We are on fire with our faith and we hope to light a fire within in you through our use of the written word in glorifying the Lord.

Who can write blog posts?

Anyone!  If you love writing or if you feel inspired to write for the blog, check out our submission guidelines by clicking here!

But I still have questions…what do I do?

Feel free to email any questions to rhc@catholicgators.org or check out our parish website by clicking here!




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