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Coming Together and Changing Lives: The Gators for Venezuela Initiative

  I don’t know if you’ve heard of the situation in Venezuela, but things are not good. And they haven’t been for a long time. People are suffering, starving, dying every single day of disease, malnutrition, and there’s a real... Continue Reading →

Check Out Our Latest Creative Corner Post!

“Wow, I wish I was that holy.”

“Wow, I wish I was that holy.” These exact words came out of my mouth three years ago when I was a little freshman just beginning to grow deeper in my faith in college. I saw the senior Catholic Gators... Continue Reading →

The Catholic Gators Coalition Wants YOU to Help Venezuela

As students at UF, most of us can relate to late night pajama runs to the nearest Provisions on Demand (POD) Market to grab a few “essentials,” like the totally necessary Ben and Jerry’s ice cream tubs. As residents of... Continue Reading →

A New Meaning for “Catholic Gators”

Every morning as I walk to my 10:40am class, I pass a murky, green pond next to Little Hall.  This is no beautiful body of water, in fact I would never have paid any attention to it if it wasn’t... Continue Reading →

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