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March for Life: Four Walks

Sara Zarb, UF student “Hey Sara, let’s go to Gator Nights tonight.” “Ok, but I have to go to bed pretty early tonight, because I have to get up at 7 a.m.!” “Where are you going?” “It doesn’t matter…” “What?... Continue Reading →


Connecting the Camino

By: Michael Arias             I sat there, hunched over, in the dark of an old cathedral, crying. I’m not one for crying, unless there’s something in my eyes, but that’s a different story. I was... Continue Reading →

Back to School Shouldn’t be Blue

By: Dolores Hinckley, RHC Print Cooordinator               Right now, you might be thinking: Starting college is the best thing that's happened to me — or the worst. I did not like my first few... Continue Reading →

FOCUS Series: FOCUS on What Matters

[For the first post in our FOCUS series, click here.] By: Kassandra Leal, UF FOCUS Missionary   Move out of apartment, check. Five weeks of FOCUS New Staff Training (NST), check. Three weeks serving on mission in Brazil, check. All... Continue Reading →

The Final Countdown

               No one wants to admit how much time is left of Summer 2k17 but the truth of the matter is that, it’s not a lot. In less than a month we’ll be moving... Continue Reading →

FOCUS series: How FOCUS Showed Me to Live My Life to the Fullest in Jesus

             FOCUS ( Fellowship of Catholic University Students) changed my life in college. It introduced me to the person of Jesus Christ and gave me tangible ways of living a friendship with Him. That led... Continue Reading →

Prayer Over Playlists: My Annual Lenten Journey

Every year as Lent begins, I close the Spotify app and make a promise not to listen to music until Easter. No, I don’t plug my ears anytime I hear music anywhere, but I do refrain from plugging in my... Continue Reading →

4 Things We’ve All {Tried} Giving Up for Lent & 4 Things We Should

Lent is upon us, all of the sudden it is Ash Wednesday and we think, Oh right, what am I giving up again? We rattle our brains to come up with something realistic yet meaningful, practical yet clever, and that... Continue Reading →

A New Meaning for “Catholic Gators”

Every morning as I walk to my 10:40am class, I pass a murky, green pond next to Little Hall.  This is no beautiful body of water, in fact I would never have paid any attention to it if it wasn’t... Continue Reading →

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